Pedro Sanz

Born in Murcia (Spain), he studied at the Superior Conservatories of Murcia and Alicante with M.Marseglia, Juan and M.Baro. He obtained the Superior Titles of Viola, Violin and Chamber Music.

He has played with the conductors J.Harder, I.Yepes, J.Belda, J.M.Rodilla, M.Valdivieso, B.Lauret, P.Davin, J.Pons or C.Badea in ensembles such as the Murcia Youth Orchestra, of which he was concertmaster for three seasons, the Murcia Chamber Orchestra, the Murcia Symphony Orchestra, and the Spanish National Youth Orchestra (JONDE). He toured Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

He has participated in master classes teached by Aldo Ceccato, orchestral technique classes with Víctor Martín and John Harding (Orlando Quartet), as well as in classes and master classes in Spain, France, and Austria, with artists such as Laura Klugherz, Gertrude Rossbacher, Alan Kovacs, Álvaro Arrans, K.Steeb, Christian Euler, Christos Polyzoides, Demetrius Polyzoides, Elizabeth Polyzoides-Baich, Kikuei Ikeda (Tokyo String Quartet), Clive Greensmith (Tokio String Quartet), Mikhail Kopelman (Borodin and Tokyo String Quartets), Liviu Stanese (Enesco and Vía Nova Quartets), Igor Sulyga (Moscow Quartet), Judith Kiss Domonkos (Budapest Trio), and the Dolezal String Quartet.

He obtained a Degree in Art History and Master of Music Research by the Murcia University.

In 2008 he teached master-classes of Chamber Music at the “Joseph Haydn” Superior Conservatory of Eisenstadt (Austria) by the Erasmus program.

At present, is Professor of Chamber Music at the Murcia Superior Conservatory besides violist of Saravasti String Quartet since 1996.